Hosta Dorset Clown

Hosta Size: Small <strong>6 inches to 10 inches tall</strong><br />Leaf 6.0 to 25 sq inches

6 inches to 10 inches tall
Leaf 6.0 to 25 sq inches
Growth Habit: Mounded
Mounded Habit
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Leaf SubstanceThick-Very
Hosta Width12 inches
Growth RateSlow
Leaf AppearanceModerately Folded
Leaf ColorGreen-Medium
Mottled with color marked above
Leaf Margin ColorNoMargin
Leaf Margin FormFlat
The amount of sun that Hosta Dorset Clown tolerates is 20%
Sun Tolerance: 20%
Bloom ColorLavender-Pale
Bloom ShapeFunnel
Sets Seed?Hosta Dorset Clown SETS SEED
 Remove seeds from dry pods. Best if pods dry on plant.
Seed can be stored, if dry.

Sported Into: Blue My Mind, Clown's Collar
Pod Parent For: Dorset Glenn, Fatal Attraction, Madame Butterfly
Pollen Parent For: Dorset Glenn



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